Magento 2 Estimate Shipping Cost Extension

Magento 2 Estimate Shipping Cost provide information about your shipment and help clients estimate shipping cost for any products base on Country, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Weight and product options.


Amazing Features

How It Works?

Estimate Shipping Cost for any product

Your customers can pre-calculate the shipping cost for any product you want or specific order at one click.

How It Works?

Calculator Shipping box show on the category page

Customers can calculate the shipping price of a product on some page like the category page and thes product details page.

How It Works?

Use Ajax Technology

Click on the "Estimate Shipping" button, the popup will appear instantly.
Besides, the result will be loadded very fast after the customer fills in country, state/province, zip code and clicks the "Estimate Shipping" button in the "Calculate Shipping" form.

How It Works?

Geo IP Technology

Automatically detect a customers country and state/province for where they are.

How It Works?

Default Shipping Method Configuration

You can configure the default shipping method from the backend.

How It Works?

Estimate Shipping Cost for Include items in the cart

You can calculate the total shipping cost for both the selected product and the available products on your cart. Options "Include items in the cart" you can configure to show in the form or not.

How It Works?

Customize information in "Calculator Shipping" form

You can customize some information of the form to be suitable for your website as title of "Calculator Shipping" form and title of button "Estimate Shipping" right in backend.

How It Works?

Show The Shipping Rates

Result Shipping rates will be placed in "Calculator Shipping" form after you select the option and fill in the country, state/province and zip code.


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